Brakes Making Noise?

Your car's brakes are an important safety feature. If they're not working properly, you could have a serious problem on your hands. The noise that comes from the brakes when you depress them may be something as simple as brake pads rubbing against the metal of the rotor or drums, but it can also be a sign of more expensive problems like warped rotors and worn drum shoes.

We'll explain how to tell the difference between these two sounds and what to do if you hear one or both types of noises coming from your vehicle's brakes. The first thing to remember is that there is no universal sound associated with brake problems. There are many different kinds of brake noise issues, so it's important for drivers to be aware of what to listen for when driving.

The Difference Between Noisy Brake Sounds

Brakes are a safety feature on your car, so it's important to know when they should be checked.

  1. Squeaking brakes could mean that you need brake pads or rotors replaced
  2. Squealing brakes may also indicate the need for new shoes and/or drums
  3. If your car is making a grinding noise while braking, this means there is too much friction in the system and needs to be repaired with an overhaul kit
  4. A high-pitched squeal means that you have worn out brake linings and will need replacement soon
  5. Low pitched squeals signify that the problem may not be as serious and can often be fixed by cleaning or adjusting parts of the braking system

Brakes are a safety feature on your car, so it's important to know when they should be checked.

Figuring Out Why Brakes Are Squeaking or Making Noise

Brakes make a lot of noise for many reasons, but they can be fixed at any Joe's Auto location. While brakes are designed to generate friction when applied, the noises from your brake pads and rotors may signify that it’s time to get them checked out. The brake mechanics at Joe's Auto will inspect these key components in order to determine if you need new parts or service before further driving on worn-out equipment. If you're wondering why your brakes are making squeaky noises, contact us today!

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