Check Engine Light Illuminated

The Check Engine Light

One of the most commonly misunderstood lights in your vehicle is undoubtedly, "check engine." Depending on the year and make of your vehicle, it can read out "Check Engine," it could be a symbol for an engine or even both. This indicator will illuminate or flash depending on the severity - this part of diagnostics system found on any car makes sure everything's running smoothly before sending information back to you via light(s) signifying a malfunction in the system. Sadly, there is no for sure way to know what it means until a

Common Reasons Check Engine Light Comes On

I have a check engine light, what does this mean? Here are common reasons we see at our shops.

  1. Check engine light comes on when the gas cap is not tightened.
  2. Check engine light can come on if there is a problem with the air filter.
  3. The check engine light may be triggered by a loose or dirty gas cap, an electrical issue, or other problems in your car's emission system.
  4. If you see this light come on while driving it usually means that something needs to be fixed soon before it gets worse and more expensive to fix.
  5. If you're not sure what the cause of the issue is then contact your local auto repair shop for help.
  6. You should also get any necessary repairs done as soon as possible because if left unattended for too long these issues could lead to serious mechanical failures which would cost much more money than just getting them fixed right away.
Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Common Questions with The Check Engine Light

How many miles can you drive with the check engine light? The least amount of driving is preferred until a mechanic scans the ECM and deciphers the code triggering the check engine light to turn on. Then plan your driving accordingly.

Will The Check Engine Light Reset Itself? If you are driving with the check engine light on, be sure to contact Joe's Auto. Even if you think your vehicles seems safe to drive, there may be a warning sign for something more serious in the future. We can help you address this issue before it becomes even worse or causes an accident and get you back on the road quickly and safely. Our team is master qualified and certified to handle most auto repair services and if for any reason we are unable to, we can recommend a next direction.

The Check Engine Light

Even if your vehicle is still running, you should get it checked out by a professional. A loose gas cap can be easily fixed but an issue with the catalytic converter or engine knocking could lead to costly repairs and possibly needing a rental car. If you’re not sure what the check engine light means in your car, contact a nearby Joe's Auto today! Our expert technicians will scan the vehicle and provide a print out the scan plus our service recommendations on how to fix it.

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